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Envelopes and pouches
Formats, closures, windows, all about envelopes.
1) What type of wallet to use for a fragile shipment ?
2) Which sizes of envelopes paper sizes ?
3) Weight, window, material, closure, what to choose?
What paper for what purpose?
1) Format, grammage, what to choose ?
2) Why choose an ecological paper? Certified ?
3) How to evaluate the whiteness of my paper?
What type of pen is suitable for my writing?
1) Feathers, balls, markers, markers, highlighters and pencils, which one to choose ?
2) What are the different inks ?
3) Chisel tip or warhead, what to choose?
Sacks and bags (including cones)
Advice and info to protect your documents conveniently.
1) How to evaluate the quality of a wallet ?
2) How to evaluate the thickness of a wallet ?
3) How to classify and protect my professional relationships?
Tips and information for good choose your wardrobe.
1) A curtains, with swinging, folding, sliding doors, what to choose ?
2) What are the benefits of monoblock cabinets ?
3) What are the current standards in the furniture industry?
Hanging File Folder
Getting Started Tips and Tricks.
1) How much storage for what type of background ?
2) Which system should I use to move my files from one office to another ?
3) What attachment indexing and choose?
Shredder of paper
What shredder for what purpose?
1) Why use a paper shredder in business ?
2) What is the guaranteed level of security ?
3) Hard disk, paper, CD, USB key, which destructor to use to destroy my materials?
Which seat to choose according to my use ?
1) One-time use, daily, intensive any type of seat choose ?
2) How do I adjust my seat ?
3) What are the different type of mechanism?
Rubber stamp
How to choose your holiday rental.
1) Couleurs, textes, polices, lignes, qu'est-ce qui est personnalisable sur mon tampon ?
2) Which buffer to choose according to my degree of use ?
3) Date stamp, text or custom, what are my needs?